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Well Integrity Logging - Measurement Services
SMS Logging Services provides a complete line of cased hole products and services including Logging, Perforating, Pipe Recovery, Mechanical Services as well as Production Diagnostic and Optimization Services.
SMS scored overall customer satisfaction for pipe recovery, cased hole logging and perforating service in independent surveys that ranked service companies operation in our MENA region. We deliver cased hole logging service in Egypt, Syria, and Libya and also soon will start in Saudi Arabia and Iraq.
A traditional Cement Bond Log (CBL) measures the amplitude of a sonic signal passing along the casing; this signal is reduced where the casing is bonded to the cement. While cement bonds that are either complete or totally absent can be clearly identified, signals showing partial bonds provide insufficient data to determine hydraulic isolation.
Radial Bond Tools
A Radial Bond Tool (RBT) overcomes this problem by using multiple receivers positioned circumferentially around the tool. Each provides bond data covering a sector of the casing so that a 'map' of the cement can be generated in addition to a conventional CBL log.
Multifinger Calipers
The 60 finger MIT is used to detect very small changes to the internal surface condition of tubing or casing with a high degree of accuracy. The tool may run with extended length fingers to increase the measurement range. The MIT is available in a range of diameters to suit varying casing/tubing sizes. The number of fingers increases with the diameter of the tool to maintain maximum surface coverage. The tools can be run in combination with other Well Integrity instruments and Ultrawire™ Production Logging tools. When the tool is run in hole, the fingers are closed to prevent damage. Once at logging depth, a motor is activated from the logging system or by the memory tool and the fingers open. A continuous measurement of the pipe's surface condition is made as the tool is logged up.
Production Logging
SMS supplies extensively field proven Production Logging Tools (PLT) that provides the customer with highly accurate data sets of downhole production information.The PLT string can also be run in realtime or, by simply changing the telemetry tool for a memory section, in memory mode on slick line or coiled tubing.
A variety of sensors are available to meet your logging requirements. The tool has an inclinometer to indicate the finger positions relative to the high side of the pipe, so that features can be orientated correctly during data processing. MIT data can be used to generate 3D images of pipe condition using visualization software and Well Integrity Visual analysis (WIVA). Well Integrity Processing, Evaluation & Reporting (WIPER) software can also be used to make a statistical analysis of the pipe condition.
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