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Process System - Industrial Services
SIS has the extensive experience in process systems applications and the diversified equipment fleet necessary to provide solutions for a safe and efficient process plant pre-commissioning, modification and maintenance. In addition to purging and testing, our Process System covers the following domains:
Commissioning Leak Test (CLT)
Commissioning Leak Test is the most accurate method of locating and quantifying system leaks where conventional testing methods have limited capability. Utilizing CLT is best-proven method to ensure safety from hazardous leaks and system integrity can be easily assured.
Air Flushing
Air flushing offers tremendous strategic advantages for process facilities piping by clearing debris and extraneous materials before proceeding with other commissioning, start-up or maintenance activities. The use and selection of the proper equipment is critical. SAPESCO's Oil free air compressors are chosen for the service capability to achieve the required air purity, flow velocities and service pressures. Air-driers have after blast cooling; coalescing and advanced filtration together with desiccant characteristics to ensure the quality of the desired result.
Nitrogen Blanketing & Mothballing
In volatile situations where contact of hydrocarbons with oxygen inside process or storage tanks may pose a serious safety risk; if the empty space is filled with an inert medium like nitrogen instead of air, these hazards are eliminated altogether. This is called blanketing. Another use of nitrogen is when it is necessary to protect the system from corrosion or degradation for a period of time. As nitrogen is an inert gas, it is ideally suited for this type of operation."
System Drying / Dehydration
Complete removal of water and moisture is a dominant factor affecting the reliable start up and operation of process systems. SAPESCO has the experience to engineer the solutions adequate to your specific drying and dehydration requirements.
Hydrostatic / Pneumatic Testing
Hydrostatic and pneumatic testing are the most common methods used to confirm the integrity of pipe work and vessels of a process facility. SIS provides engineering programmers that ensure adequate draining and dehydration methods, which eliminates additional risk and results in a safer start up and commissioning of the system.
Control Systems Flushing
The removal of debris particles from control systems utilizing SIS's proven flushing techniques provide confirmation that all systems meet or exceed specified cleanliness criteria. SIS's units provide particulate removal to SAE AS 4059.
Oil Systems Flushing
High velocity heated turbulent flow flushing systems to remove particulate matter from seal oil and lube oil turbine and compressor systems pipe-wor.
Nitrogen Pressure Testing
In situations, where hydrostatic testing is not a viable option, components or systems may be tested with nitrogen. SIS implements extensive system design review and a detailed risk analysis before testing with nitrogen.
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