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Positioning - Offshore Services
A precise position is the fundamental parameter for all survey and engineering operations at land and sea. SOS offers high quality positioning services up to sub-meter accuracy. SOS uses different Veripos Augmentation services depending on client's requirements. Differential services provided by Veripos can give an accurate position up to decimetre.
In addition, SOS uses the Veripos ' VERIFY ' Suite for position QC and control on all survey projects. VERIFY is a positioning and QC software package developed by VERIPOS that provides users with real-time positioning and quality control information. The software is compatible with all VERIPOS services and takes in raw GNSS data (such as GPS) to compute a position. Various different output formats are supported that allow VERIFY to be interfaced to different navigation systems.
VERIFY has been designed to provide the user with real-time position and quality control information so that the performance can be monitored. The software decodes raw GNSS data (such as GPS) and takes VERIPOS corrections supplied via a suitable demodulator to calculate a position for the user’s location in real-time. In addition, information is available in order that the performance of the GNSS system and the calculated position can be monitored in real-time. The software will also be capable of logging data to permit post mission analysis and processing both in internationally accepted standards and VERIPOS proprietary formats.
Positioning Services include, but are not limited to:
- DGPS different services, including Veripos Ultra, Standard+, Standard, and HF
- Positioning For Anchor Handling. - Topographic Survey and GPS Campaigns
- Positioning For Vertical Seismic Profiling "VSP" Operations
- Positioning For General Marine and Land Applications
- Jack Up Drilling Rig Positioning
- Semi Sub Rig Moves​
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