Akmal Kurtam


Businessman and investor Akmal Kortam was born on January 11, 1955, in Cairo, Egypt. Graduating from Cairo University Faculty of Engineering he started his career as an oilfield engineer from there he moved on to found one of Middle East’s leading Oil & Gas services company and later diversified his portfolio by acquiring a substantial stake in several real estate development companies.

A known Philanthropist and Activist, he was elected to the Egyptian Parliament in 2010 submitting his resignation before the Egyptian Revolution of 2011. Known for his centered political inclination, he was elected as President of Al Mohafezeen (The Conservatives) political party which is currently very active on the political scene. Eng. Kortam had a political Op-Ed column that ran for years now in Al Masry Youm newspaper and following that he became the Chairman of Al Tahrir Publishing.

Social & Political Activities: Founder and Chairman of Sahara Philanthropic Organization - 2002 to date Co-Founder and Trustee Shayfeencom Monitoring Movement - 2005 to date President Maadi Rotary Club - 2012 - 2013 President of Al Mohafezeen Party - 2011 to date. He was elected to the Egyptian Parliament in 2016 submitted his resignation recently.